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Mid-week Metabolic Balance Recipe

Black lentil and Salsa Verde Salad

This receipe is high in protein and therefore great for metabolic balance and energy levels!



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We are passionate about helping you to get healthy. We have the solutions to all your health concerns. Good nutrition is the key to a balanced and healthy life and we can help you achieve that. Start changing your life now!

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Services We Offer

Employee Wellbeing

Health Checks for workplace employee wellbeing, group support and motivational programmes.

Metabolic Balance

Eating a healthy, well balanced diet will normalise your metabolism and enable you to achieve your weight loss goals. Successful weight loss requires mentoring and support. Select your desired programme from our menu.

Nutritional Consultations

A one to one session to establish your current health status and an evaluation of your food intake. It is an opportunity to create nutritional strategies to overcome your health and dietary challenges.

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  • 24 May
    Mid-week Metabolic Balance Recipe
    Black lentil and Salsa Verde Salad This receipe is high in protein and therefore great for metabolic balance and energy levels! 24.05.2016 | Read More
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    5 Tips to Beating Sugar Cravings
    Most of my clients ask me ‘How can I stop the sugar cravings?’ The cravings for carbs and sugar (and in some cases salty foods) can be overwhelming and out of control for many people. It can be the ‘rod that breaks the camel’s back’ when it comes to sticking to food plans too, so I’ve listed 5 tips to help you stop craving sugar and carbohydrates and stick to a healthy eating plan. 24.05.2016 | Read More
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    Top 10 Foods that will help you Lose Weight
    All foods contain different properties. They have different effects on your metabolism and also can affect your hunger too.  Some foods are more calorific than others and some foods actually help to burn fat . But when it comes to weight loss, eating isn’t usually top of the list – but it should be, eating the RIGHT foods to help you lose weight is the key to achieving your weight loss goals. 25.04.2016 | Read More

Andrea Bayles, Nutritional Therapist

Hello, I'm Andrea Bayles, a qualified Nutritional Therapist.  I help my clients discover the power of healthy eating for weight loss, digestive health and  over all wellbeing.

Here at Natural Solutions, we support  clients who need to lose weight, who are living with chronic illness, have food intolerances or digestive complaints, suffer from a lack of energy or who are just overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of healthy eating information and need some help applying it to their own busy lives.

You can contact us by email, through our contact form or simply call on 01564 33 99 55

You  can find out more about Natural Solutions and Andrea here and you can view Andrea's professional qualifcation certificates below.  Andrea is also an independent Nikken Consultant and there if more information about that on our Wellbeing pages.

  • "Andrea quite literally changed my life, by working with me on a personal level she gave me the small changes my body needed. I met Andrea and worked with her because of extreme abdominal pain that occurred every month, some months worse that others. The advice given by Andrea enabled me to make small and manageable changes that have resulted in a pain free year for me and increased energy and sense of well being. "Clare