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25 ways to make water more interesting!

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Hydrate your body, plump your skin and curb your appetite with these 25 easy tricks to help you make your water more interesting!

Add one of these combinations to a jug of filtered water.

  1. Cardamom, star anise, and cinnamon sticks for a spicy winter drink
  2. Pomegranate seeds and a small amount of fresh pomegranate juice
  3. Lime slices, mint and a small tsp of maple syrup for a “Virgin Mojito”
  4. Cucumber slices for a gentle hint of flavour
  5. Edible lavender and 3 drops liquid lemon stevia
  6. Orange or Clementine sliced and gently squeezed, add strawberry slices
  7. Frozen raspberries, blackberries, or blueberries for a high antioxidant burst of flavour
  8. Fresh mint leaves and a splash of fresh nectarine or Clementine juice
  9. 3 drops flavoured liquid stevia, like chocolate or vanilla cream and a dash of cinnamon
  10. Swedish bitters (Angostura bitters) aid digestion and are a great “mocktail” when added to sparkling water
  11. Peppermint essential oil and a drop of liquid stevia for “Minty freshness” water
  12. Cayenne pepper and lemon for hot and spicy lemonade to boost the metabolism.
  13. Cinnamon and lemon for sweet and spicy lemonade
  14. Maple syrup, lime and cayenne pepper for a cleansing treat
  15. Ripe mango slices and a drop of liquid stevia
  16. Star fruit slices decorate water and add delicate flavour
  17. Celery stick and a slice of lemon for refreshment
  18. Frozen pineapple chunks, mash one chunk for added juice
  19. Freeze pureed berries in ice cube trays and add to water for a special effect
  20. Dash of vanilla and a cinnamon stick for an exotic drink
  21. Shredded ginger and lemon slices
  22. A peppermint tea bag
  23. Grapefruit essential oil for weight loss
  24. Apple cider vinegar and honey for ultimate health
  25. Dried goji berries for a super food treat

I’d love to hear your favourite!

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