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3 Step Programme to Digestive Health

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Have you made a resolution to get yourself mended? 


If you have become a victim of regularly buying over the counter medicines for indigestion, heartburn, wind, bloating and even constipation and/or diarrhoea, then you should consider getting a full digestive check up!

Natural Solutions can assess your digestive health using comprehensive stool analysis and tests for H.Pylori, lactose intolerance, SIBO, candida, parasitology, microbiology and leaky gut.


Click here to see an example test results document.


Once we have your test results back from the lab, we can begin a 30 day 3 step programme to improving your digestive health.


3 Step Programme


Step 1 - Days 1 – 21


Introduce simple changes to your diet and begin a targeted nutritional supplement protocol.*

Making small dietary changes and eating a clean, healthy diet for 4 weeks, can change your life! (I know this for sure because I’ve seen it many times and I have witnessed it with my son who severely ill)! Everything will be provided to you, your food plan, menu plans, recipes and a list of the recommended nutritional supplements to support your digestion back to optimal health.

*Protocols will vary depending on the lab test results and based on individual needs.

Step 2 – Days 21 - 30


After 3 weeks of clean eating, you will now re-introduce some of the food groups you have avoided and from this we can begin to identify your trigger foods. Taking supplements is still part of the support programme.


Step 3 - Day 31 and Beyond


Re-assessment – visiting your Nutritional Therapist to assess and review your progress is essential to establish results and effectiveness. It may be that you need to continue with supplementation or introduction of other supplements to heal the gut and re-establish good gut health. We can advise you on all of these.


Prices for Natural Solutions 3 step programme are variable due to the cost of tests and supplements, but if you are interested in regaining your vitality and a fully functional digestion, then please call and ask for more details.

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  • "I had been back and forth to my GP with various digestive complaints including bloating, acid reflux, alternating constipation and diarrhoea and abdominal pain. My GP prescribed me laxatives and tablets for the acid reflux. I decided I was far too young at 36 years old to be having these problems and went to Natural Solutions. Andrea assessed all of my symptoms, looked at my diet and lifestyle and came up with a detailed but not overwhelming plan for me.  I felt someone was finally listening to me. Andrea suggested I try a gluten free diet among other things and try this for a month to see how that affected my symptoms. Wow! What a difference it has made. I no longer have the above symptoms. I no longer take any medication. I have energy, I rarely get a headache and it's made a huge difference to my Fibromyalgia symptoms.  At first it seemed a little daunting to be making such a huge change to my diet but Andrea was there with lots of recipe ideas and helpful tips. Andrea also took me to the local health food shop and gave me plenty of suggestions and alternatives. I would recommend Natural Solutions to everyone. "Tanya Mitchell