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Another tool for you.....Slow thought defusion....

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The intention behind thought defusion is not to control, change or get rid of unpleasant thoughts or limiting stories, but to reclaim your energy and attention from them.

Anytime you are caught up in a distressing / self-limiting story isolate the core message and say it out loud (or silently) two to three times. Focus on

the space and stillness in between each word and notice how it shifts the way you feel and see the original situation. Repeat at least 10 times a day but be kind to yourself.

If you have a lot of mind chatter do fast thought defusion where you repeat the stressful sentence very fast repeatedly until all of the energy is drained out of it usually takes a minute or so.

Extracted from 'True Happiness Your Complete Guide to Emotional Health & The Mind-Body Bible' by Dr Mark Atkinson.





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