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Can You Lose Weight Through Detox?

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People who want to lose weight may opt for a body detox plan to help.  Celebrities and the media are constantly promoting detox plans as being terrific for weight loss.  As a health coach, it is my job to help people understand what is involved with body detox and how it affects weight loss goals.

Detox programs involve significant restrictions to your diet.  Many include a period of fasting, others include eating only certain foods.  Either way, your caloric intake will greatly change when you try any type of detox plan.  When you consume fewer calories, your body will burn the stored fat for energy, which can help you lose large amounts of weight quickly.  But, when you lose weight quickly, you are also likely to regain it as soon as you return to normal eating patterns.  Detox plans can slow down your metabolism, because your body goes into a starvation mode and tries to conserve calories for energy.

Not all detox plans are created equal.  Some will definitely help you lose weight naturally and gradually.  And, detoxifying your body will help to flush many of the stored toxins from your system, recharging your digestive system and all other body functions.  When your system is running more efficiently, weight loss can be faster.  Using a combination of healthy detox, such as juice detox, and exercise, you can rev up your system and boost your metabolism and immune system.  Having a clean slate for a diet and exercise program can mean better results from your weight loss program.

There are other ways that detoxifying your body can help you lose weight.  For example, one of the benefits of detox is that you will feel rejuvenated and have extra energy.  This will help you fit more exercise into your lifestyle.  You will also have better mental clarity, and be better able to stick to your weight loss goals because you can envision your success.

After a body detox program, you will also be more likely to sleep better.  Having healthy sleep patterns will help you lose weight faster.  Sleeping well will also help you to keep the weight off once you do reach your weight loss goals.  Detox will help you eliminate sugary and unhealthy foods from your system and your diet, and you will establish healthier eating patterns.  Your taste buds will be recharged and you will enjoy healthy foods without having the cravings for sugar and junk food.

If you are thinking about detoxing for weight loss, then you should avoid the detox programs that involve complete fasting.  Starvation is not the best solution for weight loss, because even though you will lose weight quickly, as soon as you start eating again you will gain the weight right back.  Talk to your health coach about finding the best detox plan for helping with your weight loss goals.

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