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Carob, cinnamon and sesame seed bars

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Recipe taken from Christine Bailey Recipes for Higher nature:-

200g sesame seeds
200g almonds
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
7tbsp organic cold milled flaxseeds (available form Higher Nature)
4tbsp tahini
25g Higher nature xylosweet
150g plain unsweetened carob bars or dark chocolate (75% cocoa)
2tsp organic virgin coconut butter

Place the sesame seeds and almonds in a mill or food processor and blend until finely ground, add the cinnamon and flax seeds and mix thoroughly
In a pan, melt together the tahini, coconut butter, xylosweet and chocolate.
Stir in the almond mixture and beat well to form a sticky paste
Press the mixture into a lightly greased and lined tine and chill for 2-3 hours until firm. Cut into small bars to serve.

Sesame seeds and flaxseeds are powerhouses of nutrients, crammed with protein, fibre, healthy fats and essential minerals. They also contain lignans - potent antioxidants known for their hormone balancing and heart protecting properties.


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