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Andrea Bayles Nutritional Therapist
ND, Dip Nutr, Dip Herb, MBANT, MURHP, MCNHC
  • 03 Sep

    Coconut Butter – is it really as good as it’s made out to be?

    Coconut Oil is at long last becoming well known for its health-promoting properties and not for its saturated fat properties.  Coconut oil contains immune-boosting medium-chain fatty acids which have been shown to have amazing health benefits.[...] Read More 
  • 03 Sep

    3 Step Programme to Digestive Health

    Have you made a resolution to get yourself mended? [...] Read More 
  • 02 Sep

    Immune Health: 5 tips to boost immune health

    We have been incredibly blessed by the unseasonably warm weather this autumn, however, the cold and flu season is nearly upon us and now is a great time to be taking  immune boosting foods and herbs for prevention purposes.[...] Read More 
  • 01 Sep

    Leaky gut - how do we plug the leaks?

    Leaky gut also known as 'Increased Intestinal Permeability' is little known amongst the medical profession, but as a Nutritional Therapist, I see this condition in my clinic more and more.[...] Read More 
  • 31 Aug

    Beat the cold and flu season: eat your way to immune health

    Over half of your digestive system is responsible for your immunity. So what you eat and what you can do to increase immunity is important.[...] Read More 
  • 30 Aug

    What is Leaky Gut Syndrome

    What causes a gut to become permeable? How do I know if I have a leaky gut? What can I do to help heal a leaky gut? I want to highlight the impact of gastrointestinal complaints and the connection with chronic disease. The majority of clients visiting my clinic have symptoms related to gastrointestinal health; for example, chronic diarrhoea, constipation, bloating, wind and general feelings of poor digestive function.[...] Read More 
  • 30 Aug

    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome also known as M.E, affects an estimated 240,000 people in the UK which sadly has an impact on job losses of up to 89% and is estimated to cost the UK economy £33.4 billion.[...] Read More 
  • 30 Aug


    May is the season for Asparagus. Try this delicious, simple recipe which is full of goodness. In one serving you get 2/3rds of your daily need for folic acid which is great for heart health and for a developing foetus. Asparagus also contains an amino acid known as asparagine, along with potassium and low sodium content it makes a great kidney cleanser and diuretic.[...] Read More 
  • 30 Aug

    Elephant Garlic Salsa

    I came across a lovely little company close to me called The Soul Patch. I always like to support and buy local produce and they grow the most delicious elephant garlic. For those of you that don't know, elephant garlic is a variety of garlic with very large cloves and a tender, mild, slightly sweet flavor.[...] Read More 
  • 28 Aug

    Drinking Cup of Beetroot Juice Daily May Help Lower Blood Pressure

    A cup of beetroot juice a day may help reduce your blood pressure, according to a small study in the American Heart Association journal Hypertension.[...] Read More 
  • "Andrea listened to me and fully understood my lifestyle before giving me a plan to improve my diet. What was obvious to Andrea was my blood sugar level swings that resulted in me reaching for a high sugar/carb snack whenever I had a dip.  I have followed her advice and lost a noticeable amount of weight, had tonnes more energy and my headaches stopped. "