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Spinach and Kimchi Frittata

Using fermented vegetables in  your daily eating regimen is important for gut health and immunity.



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  • 07 Jul

    Stress Busters!

    Right now I’m stressed.  I’m busy both at work and at home. I have so much going on that I’m feeling overwhelmed, agitated, ‘not enough time in the day’ and its beginning to show. So, time to listen to my own advice and take action….[...] Read More 
  • 29 Jun

    Protein – what is it good for?

    Protein. This week’s blog post is all about protein – what it is, where you find it and why it’s so important.[...] Read More 
  • 22 Jun

    5 Ways To Overcome Comfort Eating

    Have you ever been in a situation when you become overwhelmed either at work or at home? Let’s face it, most of us are trying to fit full time jobs, family life, gym and exercise and social commitments into our days and really pushing ourselves to our limits.[...] Read More 
  • 15 Jun

    10 Rules of Good Nutrition

    It’s so confusing isn’t it. All the advice – all the recommendations?  So, here are my top 10 tips for healthy eating.  Remember you don’t have to do everything all at the same time – just start with one change, and build on your lifestyle alterations gradually – that way it doesn’t feel like you are climbing a mountain.[...] Read More 
  • 08 Jun

    Hidden Sugar - 5 Sources of Hidden Sugar in Your Diet

    You eat a healthy diet, you’ve cut out sugar from the obvious sources such as sweets, fizzy drinks and the odd teaspoon in your cup of tea, but hidden sugar is everywhere and will continue to cause you problems with weight gain especially fat around the middle.[...] Read More 
  • 02 Jun

    5 Ways with 'Greens'

     [...] Read More 
  • 24 May

    Mid-week Metabolic Balance Recipe

    Black lentil and Salsa Verde Salad This receipe is high in protein and therefore great for metabolic balance and energy levels![...] Read More 
  • 24 May

    5 Tips to Beating Sugar Cravings

    Most of my clients ask me ‘How can I stop the sugar cravings?’ The cravings for carbs and sugar (and in some cases salty foods) can be overwhelming and out of control for many people. It can be the ‘rod that breaks the camel’s back’ when it comes to sticking to food plans too, so I’ve listed 5 tips to help you stop craving sugar and carbohydrates and stick to a healthy eating plan.[...] Read More 
  • 25 Apr

    IBS – What’s Leaky Gut got to do with it?

    First of all lets explain what leaky gut is. Leaky gut or intestinal permeability occurs when you get holes (microscopic) in the tight junctions of you intestinal wall. When food particles being passed through the colon as waste, permeates through these holes into the bloodstream, it triggers an immune response.[...] Read More 
  • 22 Dec

    Metabolic Balance - Karen and Pauls Story

    Watch this! Karen and Paul's own story of weight loss, health and vitality! [...] Read More 
  • "Through Andrea’s nutritional advice, I have experienced a really positive difference in my health and vitality.  I have found it totally fascinating to understand the impact that specific foods were having on my immunity and energy levels and have as a result, made a big change to my diet.  Andrea provides really practical advice and support which includes help with menus and recipes, which has been invaluable. "