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Andrea Bayles Nutritional Therapist
ND, Dip Nutr, Dip Herb, MBANT, MURHP, MCNHC
  • 10 Dec

    How to support your digestion over the festive season

    We often over-indulge around Christmas and not only with food but alcohol too. Over-eating, feeling full and bloated, indigestion, wind (the flatulent kind), heartburn to name but a few of the more common symptoms of over-indulgence.[...] Read More 
  • 11 Nov

    Nutrition for your child’s mind

    The balancing act – brain chemicals and mood Feeling low can manifest as feeling miserable, apathetic and unmotivated.  The most prevalent theory for the cause of these imbalances is two families of brain chemicals:[...] Read More 
  • 08 Oct

    Beetroot and Cashew Nut Dip

    Beetroots are great energising foods - their juice is rich in nitric oxide which helps with circulation but it is probably better known for its liver cleansing properties.[...] Read More 
  • 06 Oct

    Bone broth - the recipe for this month

     [...] Read More 
  • 29 Aug


    The IFM (Institute for Functional Medicine) has come up with the FED UP CHALLENGE in response to emerging research that this year for the first time in history, more people will die from the effects of obesity than from starvation!  It’s time to take action and the ‘Fed Up Challenge’ has been developed along with the IFM to stop eating sugar for 10 days.[...] Read More 
  • 29 Aug

    Stratford Business Show

    Corporate health and employee engagement are top of the list for employers to be considering as absenteeism and stress levels reach all time highs in the workplace.[...] Read More 
  • 22 Jul

    Apple Crumble

    A warming dessert to satisfy those sweet cravings without the guilt.[...] Read More 
  • 17 Mar

    Going Green for St Patrick's Day

    Green Smoothie Go green for St Patricks Day with a healthy green smoothie - better than the 'black stuff!'[...] Read More 
  • 16 Dec

    Healthy Mince Pies

    I really love the flavours of mincemeat in a mince pie, warm with a little low-fat crème fraiche (for a treat), Christmas just isn't Christmas without the aromas of warm mince pies and the spices that give them that festive flavour![...] Read More 
  • 13 Nov

    True Happiness: Dr Mark Atkinson

    I attended a seminar in October run by Dr Mark Atkinson who is an integrated nutritionist, Doctor and health professional. He is hugely inspirational and after his seminar I left firing on all cylinders and extremely motivated.[...] Read More 
  • "Andrea listened to me and fully understood my lifestyle before giving me a plan to improve my diet. What was obvious to Andrea was my blood sugar level swings that resulted in me reaching for a high sugar/carb snack whenever I had a dip.  I have followed her advice and lost a noticeable amount of weight, had tonnes more energy and my headaches stopped. "