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Spinach and Kimchi Frittata

Using fermented vegetables in  your daily eating regimen is important for gut health and immunity.



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  • 28 Jul

    Midweek Metabolic Balance® Recipe

    Super-Quick Salmon Burger with Carrot and Cucumber Salad     This easy-peasy throw it together recipe can be all done and dusted in a matter of minutes. Healthy fillets of omega-rich salmon without the usual stodgy potato makes a great protein-rich alternative to fishcakes.[...] Read More 
  • 09 Jul

    Six Summer Recipes to Get You Creative in the Kitchen!

    Summer is here!  [...] Read More 
  • 02 Jul

    Aubergine and Feta Pate

    Here I was messing about with food in my tiny temporary kitchen (temporary due to a house build) and I suddenly looked in the fridge and thought, 'oh dear, what to cook?'  A busy week has left the fridge rather on the empty side apart from a block of organic feta cheese and a couple of aubergines, so heres' what I came up with.[...] Read More 
  • 10 Jun

    Marinated Green Chicken

    The sun has finally made an appearence, why not get the BBQ out and cook up this delicious dish!  [...] Read More 
  • 15 Apr

    Are you feeling tried of feeling tired?

    Is your energy on a constant low setting?  Do you wake up tired?  Are you wishing you could stop feeling so tired all the time?[...] Read More 
  • 15 Apr

    Get set for summer! Ditch yo-yo dieting once and for all!

    Now is the time to make a start to get your body prepared for summer! Do you feel bloated and overweight?  Have you gained fat around the middle? Do you feel like your energy is always on the low side? Are you suffering from joint aches and pains?[...] Read More 
  • 09 Jan

    3 simple changes you can make NOW!

    Here are 3 simple strategies that anyone can put into place from tomorrow!  If you feel slow and sluggish in the mornings, heavy and lethargic, then these 3 simple tips will make you more productive, more energetic and at the same time provide you with great nutrition.[...] Read More 
  • 09 Jan

    21 Days to Wellness

    Really?  21 Days?  I have put together an easy to follow wellness programme to introduce you to wellbeing and health covering topics such as weight management, cravings, energy and stress with easy to follow guidelines and exercises to carry out.[...] Read More 
  • 10 Dec

    Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

    Bulletproof coffee will leave you feeling energised, help you to burn fat, gain muscle and give you some of the above great health benefits of coconut oil. [...] Read More 
  • 10 Dec

    Turkey – 3 things you didn’t know about your Christmas Turkey

    1. Turkey is particularly high in an amino acid known as tryptophan – a building block of the brain chemical serotonin.  Since serotonin is an inducer of sleep, eating turkey will help to improve sleep quality (it might also explain why people want to have a post-christmas meal nap![...] Read More 
  • "I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to Andrea. When I first saw her, I felt that the only way that I would be able to cope with my future was to resign from my job, which I love, and to stay at home full time because I just felt that I wasn’t performing well as result of feeling constantly totally exhausted and I seemed unable to cope with even minor levels of stress. As a result of her time, dedication and perseverance however, I now feel 10 years younger and am looking forward to what the future might bring both professionally and personally. Thank you for giving me my life back. "