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Feeling full or just satisfied? Does eating less help you to live longer?

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A new study found calorie restriction could prevent a decline in learning and memory skills. Research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology cut the calories of mice by 30%. The mice taking in fewer calories showed no decline in memory or learning. Meanwhile, mice eating more calories showed a decline.

Researchers believe this could help delay age-related problems in cognitive function.

Several studies suggest eating less may also help you live longer and with less discomfort. In Japan, some people follow a philosophy called "Hara Hachi Bu." It means eating until you're almost full; about 80% full. It's been documented that people living in Okinawa who follow this often live into their 100's while still maintaining good health.

I know I feel better when I stop eating before I feel really full. When I eat too much I go into a heavy digestion mode and I can't seem to access my energy for activity. So learning how to eat just enough, or perhaps slightly less than enough, is a good skill or habit to create. I find that not many people do this naturally so it's good to practice!


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