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Going Green for St Patrick's Day

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Green Smoothie

Go green for St Patricks Day with a healthy green smoothie - better than the 'black stuff!'

Serves 2- 3

Preparation time - 5 minutes

60mls water

80g green grapes

40g fresh pineapple - core included

1/2 medium banana

30g fresh spinach washed

60 mls ice cubes

Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend on high power for 2 minutes or until smooth.

Health benefits: Energissing; Detoxifying; Ani-ageing; Stress-busting; Low-calorie; High-fibre

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  • "I was very run down, lacked energy and was finding it very difficult to control my weight when I first consulted with Andrea.  We talked through my issues very thoroughly during the first consultation and Andrea recommended that I take an adrenal fatigue test.  This highlighted that I had an abnormal cortisol pattern throughout the day and was affecting my energy and appetite - I had intense sugar cravings from mid afternoon onwards.  On the back of the results of this test, Andrea recommended a new diet and a course of supplements to restore normal cortisol levels and revive my tired adrenals. I now have more energy and do not have the same urges for sugar during the afternoons. I am also sleeping much better now as well.  I am also sleeping much better now too (after 5 years of 2am waking!).  "Elizabeth