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In the Cottage Garden - May 2012

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Well time hasn't been on my side this month but the garden is well under way now, lots of digging and forking over the earth and adding lots of goodness to it too. Out of the blue a man turned up one day whilst I was taking a break from the digging and offered me a huge pile of quality manure… I took it all from him and we now have a well fed rich patch of garden ripe for planting. The rain has been welcomed by all gardeners and I have taken the advantage of planting my first crop of potatoes. I have also planted beans and peas in pots in the greenhouse in readiness for planting out later this month. And herbs…. Lots of lovely garden herbs to use in salads and cooking thyme, parsley, marjoram, mint, sage and oregano; these will flourish and add aroma to the garden too.




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