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Using fermented vegetables in  your daily eating regimen is important for gut health and immunity.



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In the Cottage Garden - September 2012

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Finally coming to the end of the season and despite the rain, rabbits and other bugs, we had a pretty good crop for my first year. We are nearly at the end of the potatoes but have enjoyed many bowls of leek and potato soup (with the homegrown leeks of course!). Strawberries, peas and beans are a distant memory. We are enjoying the kale at the moment but that will be the last of our achievements. Unfortunately with the lack of pollinating butterflies, the damsons and apples haven't been successful this year, but I believe our weather is on a cycle so I have every hope for next year! I've learnt a lot about what works, what doesn't and what I want to do more of next year, so stay tuned!


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