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Latest news and research regarding Adrenal Fatigue

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Later this month I am looking forward to attending a seminar on some of the latest research from Prof Nicolson and DR Ellithorpe from the Royal society of Medicine. Prof Nicolson is recognised internationally as one of the world's leading researchers in molecular medicine; Dr Ellithorpe is an experienced integrative physician with a long history of innovative and ground breaking treatment developments including the extensive use of nutritional medicine.

What is it all about?

Lipid Replacement Therapy (LRT®) is the use of a unique combination of glycophospholipids (patent pending) to treat and rebuild damaged cellular membranes that has, through in vitro and human based trials demonstrated its clinical effectiveness, is mainly aimed at resolving fatigue in chronic and acute situations as well as other areas including inflammation, metabolic syndrome, weight management, anti-aging, autism, mental decline, dysbiosis and allergies have also shown clinical benefits due to the vital role of mitochondria in health, aging and function.

Fatigue is the most common of all complaints and whilst it is complex and multifactorial in its origination at the molecular level it all revolves around the mitochondrial membranes. These are the interface between our environment and energy production. The mitochondria cannot function, cannot generate energy through electron transfer, without healthy and intact membranes.

"The integrity of mitochondrial membranes is critical to cell function and energy metabolism."

Safe, effective resolution of mitochondrial membranes has traditionally been proposed to develop around the reduction of reactive oxygen species, but this is an incomplete approach. Membrane specific lipid combinations derived wholly from food have been carefully developed using specialist expertise to ensure a quantifiable difference to you and your patients capacity to manage and resolve mitochondrial related symptoms by repairing damaged membranes especially the inner cardiolipin membrane of the mitochondria.

I will update you next time with more of the findings related to energy and restoring the mitochondrial integrity.


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