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Metabolic Balance® a case study

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Ms B, aged 49 years, came to see me about her desire to lose weight.  She had tried all the well-known weight loss programmes with some successes but, as soon as she stopped using the programmes, her weight just piled on.

She was beginning to worry about her health, particularly with regards to Diabetes and thyroid problems and her cholesterol levels were elevated as well as an increase in blood pressure.  She was tired, lethargic, bloated and feeling at a very low ebb.  She was also worried about the GP prescribing all sorts of medications which she desperately wanted to avoid.

Metabolic Balance® addresses all of these things and Mrs B began the programme with some scepticism, however, 6 months later, she has improved her health and wellbeing enormously.  The first thing to change was her renewed energy levels and the desire to get up and get on with things.  Once she had overcome her cravings (and we all have to go through that stage), she felt so much better, more vital and way more energetic.

She lost her weight steadily over the next few months, working closely with her Metabolic Balance® coach. More importantly than that, she has avoided medications and the prospect of becoming diabetic, her blood pressure quickly normalised, her thyroid gland settled down and any signs of pre-diabetes disappeared.

For more on the scientific research behind Metabolic Balance® you can download the Study that was published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism.

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  • "Through Andrea’s nutritional advice, I have experienced a really positive difference in my health and vitality.  I have found it totally fascinating to understand the impact that specific foods were having on my immunity and energy levels and have as a result, made a big change to my diet.  Andrea provides really practical advice and support which includes help with menus and recipes, which has been invaluable. "