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Nutrition Nuggets: Vitamin D

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Vitamin D deficiency typically presents with bony deformity (rickets) or hypocalcaemia in infancy and childhood, and with musculoskeletal pain and weakness in adults. Many other health problems including cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, several cancers, and autoimmune conditions have been recently associated with vitamin D insufficiency .

Risk factors include skin pigmentation, use of sunscreen or concealing clothing, being elderly or institutionalised, obesity, malabsorption, renal and liver disease, and anticonvulsant use.

Vitamin D status is most reliably determined by assay of serum 25-hydroxyvitamin.

VITAMIN D Status is defined as:

  • <25 nmol/l Deficient
  • 25-50 nmol/l Insufficient associated with disease risk
  • 50-75 nmol/l Adequate
  • >75 nmol/l Optimal

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