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August is traditionally a month for holidays and summer time activities and although our weather hasn't been the kindest to us, let's focus on why relaxation and lifestyle is such an important part of healthy living.

Relaxation is essential to calm the mind and body and relieve symptoms of stress. When the mind and body are relaxed then stress simply seems to melt away. Relaxation exercises are the easiest methods for quieting the body and mind. The goal of relaxation techniques is to produce a physiological response known as the 'relaxation response' a response exactly the opposite of 'stress response.' Harvard Professor and Cardiologist Herbert Benson M.D., was the first to describe this physiological response in the 1970's.

In the stress response the sympathetic nervous system dominates and in the relaxation response the parasympathetic response dominates. The parasympathetic nervous system controls body functions such as digestion, breathing and heart rate during periods of relaxation, visualization, meditation and sleep. While the sympathetic nervous system is designed to protect us from danger and designed to repair, maintain and restore the body.

In order to achieve the 'relaxation response' a variety of techniques can be used. Some of the most popular are meditation, prayer, progressive relaxation, self-hypnosis and bio-feedback. The type of relaxation that your use is totally individual and it is what works best for you. The important thing is to set aside 5 10 minutes each day for performing a relaxation technique.


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