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Resources: Flax Seeds

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Flaxseeds - full of Omega 3 essential fatty acids which have 2 primary functions in the body
1. As structural fats in the membranes
2. As precursors for 'prostaglandins' which are mediators in controlling blood pressure, clotting, immune function and other physiological activities

Flaxseed can help prevent breast cancer, prostate cancer, promote a healthy digestive system and are an essential for cardiovascular health. Menopausal women should include a daily intake of 40g as research shows that this quantity can reduce hot flushes by 35% and night sweats by 44%.

Use Flaxseed Oil on salads, porridge, soups - never heat the oil, it is a cold pressed oil and when heated will change the properties of omega 3.


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  • "Andrea listened to me and fully understood my lifestyle before giving me a plan to improve my diet. What was obvious to Andrea was my blood sugar level swings that resulted in me reaching for a high sugar/carb snack whenever I had a dip.  I have followed her advice and lost a noticeable amount of weight, had tonnes more energy and my headaches stopped. "