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Superfood Wheatgrass Juice

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You may or may not have heard about the amazing benefits of wheatgrass as a super food. Wheatgrass juice is now becoming common place in juice bars due to the fantastic health benefits that wheatgrass sprouts can provide us with.

It is highly alkaline which makes it an ideal addition to the modern-day diet of acidic foods. It is high in potassium and as a young sprout devoid of gluten. Wheatgrass is made up of approximately 70% chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the green juice that we see in all plants but this extremely rich source is very effective at cleansing and fortifying our blood. It absorbs energy from the sun and transports it to the cells just as our own haemoglobin transports oxygen to the blood. The importance of a clear, rich and oxygenated blood supply cannot be too highly emphasised when it comes to health and wellbeing.

Wheatgrass is a potent live source of vitamins and minerals containing some 92 minerals and 17 vitamins. It contains more iron than spinach, more protein than meat, fish or eggs and twice the fibre of bran. It has a wide variety of enzymes and can benefit in the repair of tissues due to its amino acid content. Wheatgrass helps to purify the liver and flush out accumulated toxins.

Japanese scientists have shown that the enzymes in wheatgrass can neutralise many environmental pollutants and Scientists at the University of Texas have demonstrated that it can inhibit the activity of cancer-causing substances.

Wheatgrass can be drunk fresh as a 'shot' or you can take it in powder from adding it to smoothies or fresh juices, and it is also available in capsule form.

Other sprouts include barley-grass, alfalfa and mung and aduki beans.

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