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Support your immune system against Norovirus

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The norovirus winter vomiting bug has hit early this year with over 700,000 people infected in the UK. That's a 64% increase in reported cases compared to December 2011.

This highly contagious virus causes nasty symptoms such as projectile vomiting, explosive diarrhoea, high temperature, headaches and stomach cramps leaving people unable to function normally for several days. Even though the virus itself is short lived the consequences of such disruption to gut and immune function can leave people feeling under the weather for many weeks, and in some cases months, later.

But is there more you can do to help support your gut and immune system?

  • Probiotics beneficial gut bacteria help support gut and immune system health. It is wise to take a high strength, proven potency supplement. High strength probiotic formulations mean taking just 1 capsule a day. Probiotics can be taken prophylactically to support health and also during illness, such as norovirus infection.
  • Vitamin D this essential nutrient is in short supply at this time of year due to the lack of sunlight in the UK. Research shows that Vitamin D3 supports normal immune system function. A handy Vitamin D spray or a sub-lingual dropper is a convenient and cost effective way of getting your daily dose.

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  • "Andrea listened to me and fully understood my lifestyle before giving me a plan to improve my diet. What was obvious to Andrea was my blood sugar level swings that resulted in me reaching for a high sugar/carb snack whenever I had a dip.  I have followed her advice and lost a noticeable amount of weight, had tonnes more energy and my headaches stopped. "