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The Metabolic Balance programme - 'Has completely transformed my health'

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Did you read about the success of my Metabolic Balance programme?

Jason came to see me after his Mum had rediscovered her health and lost weight through the Metabolic Balance Programme.

Jason had recently undergone quite a lot of surgeries and had been struggling to regain his energy and feel well. 

After the surgeries his self esteem was low, he was overweight, suffering with pain on a daily basis, and lacked energy. He was living on a high fat takeaway fueled diet, and spent his time sitting at a PC for most of the day. He was unable to exercise due to the restrictions on his spine but he tried to go for gentle walks outside.

Taking part in the Metabolic Balance Programme was a huge step and a big financial commitment for Jason.

He quickly realised the benefits of eating a high protein low carb diet because his energy levels skyrocketed and he felt so much better in himself. Each visit his pain levels decreased too.

Jason's experience

"The Metabolic Balance programme has completely transformed my lifestyle and health. 

I cannot recommend the programme enough for people who live with long-term health conditions.

I experienced significant improvements in my concentration, energy levels, and a reduction in chronic pain. All of this with the added bonus of significant weight loss! 

Within a couple of weeks, you rapidly start to see the results on your body and health!"


The Stats

The numbers speak for themselves!

Over the course of 7 months Jason saw significant loss in fat mass, dropping from 15.7 to 8.7. His BMI improved massively as well, as it dropped from an unhealthy 30.9 to 25.2, which put has put him back into a more normal weight category. He has shown huge improvments in his measurements, having lost inches across his thighs, waist and hips.

With the life changing improvements he's made through the Metabolic Balance programme, Jason now has tools which will help him live healthier for longer, and continue to see the benefits.


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  • "I am a 49 year old woman who has always cared about healthy living. About 6 months ago I began to suffer with daily hot flushes, hair loss and general fatigue for which I couldn't seem to manage even with my healthy lifestyle of daily yoga and a healthy vegetarian diet. I found out about Natural Solutions on the Internet and made an appointment to enquire bout menapausal program's.  After my first appointment with Andrea I saw the value of an improved and varied diet, the introduction of a whole range of supplements and the continued need for regular detox program's. 6 months on, I'm really pleased to say that I hardly suffer from hot flushes, my hair loss is no longer a concern and actually found new hair coming through and my energy levels are back to normal. I thank Natural Solutions for bringing me the awareness I needed to ease of the menapausal symptoms and to allow me to think ahead about the way I can transition through the menapausal years with greater ease, so that I can continue to live with greater vitality. "Surinder