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To detox or not to detox? What to think about before you start

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There is much controversy about whether or not detoxification can help you reach your health goals.  As a Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach, I am asked this question frequently and my answer is always the same – detoxification programmes can enhance your wellbeing, heal certain conditions and promote energy levels – FACT!  I have tried it myself, and have clients who have undergone programmes with fantastic results and brilliant health benefits.

Body detoxification can help you reach many health goals.  As a Nutritionist, I find that many people have a hard time deciding exactly how to go about body detox, and struggle with choosing the right detox program for their needs.  Not all detox plans are created equal, so carefully understanding what you need and how to get it is important.  It is essential that you take the advice of a fully qualified practitioner who is registered with BANT or CNHC in order that their experience is sufficiently recognised.

The first step is to decide what it is that you want to accomplish.  This may be difficult to determine, and there may be more than one answer.  Some of the most common reasons that people try body detox include:

  • To improve health
  • To improve energy levels
  • To reduce or eliminate addictions to certain foods or ingredients (caffeine, sugar, flour, etc.)
  • To lose weight
  • To lessen inflammation in the body
  • To improve skin and complexion
  • To eliminate recurring yeast infections
  • To improve the immune system

Once you determine what your reasons for trying body detox are, you will have to do some research to find one that is safe and will help you achieve your goals.  There are definitely detox programs that are not safe and that could actually harm your health.  When selecting a detox program, ensure that you consider the following:

  • Is it safe?  Detoxing should be a way to make you healthier, not to harm yourself.  Do not take any supplements that are known to be harmful
  • Is it proven?  Can you find reviews and testimonials from people who have experienced success using this type of detox plan?  Look for respected medical references.
  • Is it realistic?  If a detox program requires you to fast and take laxatives for two weeks, this is just not very realistic.  You will not feel good during the detox, or afterward.
  • Does the program support your goals?  You should choose a detox program that is designed to meet your specific goals and needs.

After deciding what your detox goals are and choosing a plan that will help you meet those goals, evaluate your lifestyle to be sure that you are ready for detox and able to commit to the program.  There are certain detox programs that just don’t work with certain lifestyles.  If you have to fast for several days or only eat certain, very specific foods, then you have to be able to fit this into your life.  Many people opt for a 2-3 day detox program that they can fit in on a quiet weekend and it won’t interfere with regular life as much.  The secret is being able to stick to it, and if it is simply not convenient, you won’t stick to it and you won’t get the benefits.  Also, there may be some side effects during detox, such as headaches, nausea, fatigue or diarrhea that would make detoxing during the work week more unpleasant.

Body detox is a terrific way to reach many health goals, if done correctly.  Be sure you know why you are doing it, what you are doing, and be ready to commit.  Talk with your health coach for support and for assistance with defining your goals and choosing the plan that will work best for you.

Have you tried any detox diets?  Did it work?  I'd love to hear your experience? For more information get in touch with Andrea on 07515 632757 or use our contact form and we'll call your back.

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