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Top Tips For Weight Loss During The Holidays

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Its probably the most challenging time of year for anyone who is following a weight loss programme or desperately trying to stay on track and healthy. Those hot chocolate with whippy cream and egg nogs are looking at you everywhere you go, but don't think you need to go into early hibernation - there is help at hand and you can survive the whole of Christmas and New Year without gaining pounds!

Exercise in the morning

If you wake up and get moving this will have an impact on your cravings for something sweet according to a recent study published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.which looked at brain scans and showed people responding less to tempting foods.

The art of saying 'No.'

Willpower is the hardest thing in the world, but if you condition yourself to the art of saying 'no' over and over, then it becomes a habit you can't break! The more you maintain your willpower, the stronger and more confident you become. Challenges abound not only with food but with life and 'No' is a great word to use when faced with so many temptations.

Do not avoid eating!

Sometimes it's tempting to 'bank' the calories and avoid a meal thinking you can 'make up for the loss in calories all in one meal!' Wrong - on so many accounts!  Eating when you are starving is going to make you eat all the wrong type of foods and pig-out! At least eat protein with a few veg to stave off the cravings and hunger. It will make your choices more controlled when it comes to eating the high calorie meal you are faced with.

Stay hydrated.

Drinking your water is essential for hydration and helps to prevent cravings. Even eating hydrating foods such as green salad leaves and avocado will help with hydration. Water helps on so many levels to control cravings, improve digestion, give your skin a glow and helps overcome the dreaded hangover from festive over-indulgence! And it goes without saying to avoid hydrating on sodas and fizzy drinks. These cause more gas than its worth.

Weigh yourself twice a week.

This will highlight if you've gained and help to keep you focused an on track. Get on the scales first thing in the morning when your stomach is empty. Nothing like an 'oh no' moment to get you back on plan!

Be a bit picky with your food

When it comes to going round to friends and family and the dreaded carb overloaded buffet awaits, just be a bit picky, choose wisely and avoid over-eating the carbs if you can. Take a good look at the foods on offer before you go diving in for the ones that your eyes want to eat! Choosing in a controlled manner is going to help your weight gain in the long run and the cravings and blood sugars.

What about pudding?

Use the 3 bite rule - the first bite of dessert is amazing in taste and sensation, the second bite is satisfying and the third is lingering - that's all you need to do when it comes to desserts.

And finally ......Keep Calm and Kick Those Cravings

Being faced with constant food which is so tempting is difficult at the best of times, made doubly worse by the festive season and all the options and choices you are faced with. If ever the feeling becomes too overwhelming, take a breath, or two, focus your thoughts, gain control of your decisions and make wiser, more informed choices. Stay calm and kick those cravings!

Most of all - have a very Happy Christmas and New Year - from all at Natural Solutions


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