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Want to beat your sugar cravings?

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Sugar and carb cravings can get the better of most of us and breaking the habit of giving in to those cravings can be a challenge. So, to try and help you beat those cravings, I have listed my top five tips to beating them!



1. Always try to include proteins with every meal.

Eating a protein-based food such as meat, fish, eggs, seafood, poultry and nuts and seeds will help to control energy levels more effectivelyProteins don’t have the same effect on insulin as carbohydrates do so even if you are snacking, it’s a good idea to add in some protein too. Try eating a chunk of cheese with your apple or a handful of nuts with your fruit. Mealtimes should consist of 25% of your plate being made up of proteins and 10% grains or starchy vegetables like potatoes.


2. Make sure your diet includes healthy fats.

Healthy fats are essential for your body to work well, they support weight loss, heart health, brain function and keep your joints lubricated and mobile. They stop you from going ‘rusty!’  Organic eggs are great sources of good fats; add coconut oil to your daily intake, 1 teaspoon used in cooking will count as a serving or add 1 tbsp olive oil used as a dressing or drizzled over vegetables. Eating nuts and seeds and including avocados are a good source of healthy omega 3 fats.


3. Obviously avoiding carbohydrates is not the answer.

Your plate should include about 10% of wholegrains, such as brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat and proper oats. This is needed for fibre and fibre is an important part of digestive health as well as preventing insulin spikes and drops.


4. Forget about fat-free and diet foods.

Diet-drinks and sugar free drinks are often high in artificial sweeteners which have such toxic effects on the body. Fake sugars actually slow down your metabolism, increase your body's insulin production, increase fat storage, and keep you overweight and what’s more, actually cause you to crave sugar. Fat-free foods are also a recipe for disaster as they normally contain high levels of sugar, which has the effect of causing more sugar cravings!  So full-fat or low-fat are the best options when it comes to making good food choices. Your body needs fat for energy and as long as your carbohydrate intake is under control and not excessive, the fats will be utilised as your source of energy.


5. Get moving!

There are so many ‘Apps’ and ‘Fitness Bands’ around now that can really encourage you to set your daily exercise levels. The best level to go for is 5,000 - 10,000 steps a day. Physical movement helps your body to metabolize glucose (made from carbohydrates) and will prevent you from craving sugars and carbs to craving ‘real foods’ and healthier choices.

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  • "I had been back and forth to my GP with various digestive complaints including bloating, acid reflux, alternating constipation and diarrhoea and abdominal pain. My GP prescribed me laxatives and tablets for the acid reflux. I decided I was far too young at 36 years old to be having these problems and went to Natural Solutions. Andrea assessed all of my symptoms, looked at my diet and lifestyle and came up with a detailed but not overwhelming plan for me.  I felt someone was finally listening to me. Andrea suggested I try a gluten free diet among other things and try this for a month to see how that affected my symptoms. Wow! What a difference it has made. I no longer have the above symptoms. I no longer take any medication. I have energy, I rarely get a headache and it's made a huge difference to my Fibromyalgia symptoms.  At first it seemed a little daunting to be making such a huge change to my diet but Andrea was there with lots of recipe ideas and helpful tips. Andrea also took me to the local health food shop and gave me plenty of suggestions and alternatives. I would recommend Natural Solutions to everyone. "Tanya Mitchell