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Weight Loss Plans – Metabolic Balance

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The Metabolic Balance Weight Loss Plan is an easy to follow, individualized weight loss programme designed for you and your body.  Metabolic Balance is a unique weight management programme.  Clients that have followed this programme have achieved amazing results.  Each weight loss plan is created by experts in Germany based on your unique blood test results and your dietary preferences.

If you have been trying to lose weight for years, or if you have a specific weight loss goal, such as a  forthcoming event like a wedding or family celebration, then Metabolic Balance will enable you to reach your weight loss goals easily, without the discomfort of points or calorie-counting.  Metabolic Balance weight loss plans use all-natural foods with 3 meals at regular times of the day.  This is an important part of the weight loss plan.

Are you someone who has dieted all your life or for as long as you can remember, well, Metabolic Balance provides you with the opportunity to reach your weight targets without difficulty.  The weight loss plans are easy to follow, completely individualized and once you have the plan, you have it for the rest of your life.  It becomes your own unique weight loss plan!

Metabolic Balance has helped 1000′s of people throughout Europe and America to reach their weight loss goals and now the UK is able to offer this unique and bespoke opportunity to lose weight healthily and naturally.  How does Metabolic Balance work?  Following a one to one consultation with your Metabolic Balance Practitioner you will carry out a blood test which measures a number of different markers including red blood count, white blood cells, liver function, triglycerides, cholesterol, thyroid and many others.  A health check and dietary preference discussion takes place and the results are then processed to provide you with your unique weight loss plan.  Your practitioner will deliver the plan and discuss all aspects of the programme with you on a one to one basis.

What does my weight loss plan look like?

The plan provides you with details of the following:

  • Metabolic Balance® – The 8 rules,
  • the 4 phases of Metabolic Balance®,
  • Meal Plans specifically designed for you and your dietary preferences,
  • Your individual food list
  • A shopping list to help you make good choices whilst you are shopping or to help you order online
  • Your own progress report to keep a record of how you feel, look, your weights and measurements
  • Your blood test results to keep and monitor once the programme is completed.

If you have reached a phase in your life where you feel you have tried everything to lose
weight and now you need someone to help you and guide you through the process, then Metabolic Balance may have the answers you are looking for.

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