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Metabolic Balance

Your 12 week Health Coaching Programme

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Sometimes you need that little bit of extra support. You need to be accountable. You need a gatekeeper.

We can help you achieve your health goals - look no further.

"This is one of the most successful health management programmes I have ever used."

Without your health, you have nothing! 

If you want:

  • Clarity in thinking
  • Mood stability
  • Motivation
  • Energy and drive
  • High performance levels

then ensuring your health is optimal plays a key role in all of these factors.

The Metabolic Balance Programme is a health management plan - it will provide you with all of the above whilst at the same time, balancing hormones, reducing weight and empowering you with nutrition know-how.

What is involved?

There are four phases to the program:

Phase 1: To initialise bowel evacuation so as to increase your tolerance of healthy foods and reduce feelings of hunger

Phase 2: 14 Day Strict phase where you adjust your metabolism according to your personalized plan.

Phase 3: Relaxed phase where you experience the natural taste of food and can begin to incorporate more treats and increase quantities

Phase 4: Maintenance phase where you stick to your newly acquired eating habits so as to maintain weight loss.

You can have as much or as little support as you require - click here to take a look at the different packages on offer.

Click here to arrange a 30 minute free consultation now.

Your free consultation will enable us to assess whether Metabolic Balance is the right programme for you.

You are under no obligation to sign up. We can provide alternative programmes if Metabolic Balance is unsuitable.

What will a Metabolic Balance programme do for me?

  • healthy food, healthy eating, metabolic balanceWeight adjustment – suitable for clients wanting to gain or lose weight
  • Stabilised weight loss – no yo-yo effects
  • Strengthens your metabolism gently and permanently
  • Vitality and enhanced energy- improves mental and physical performance
  • Emotional balance – feelings of improved strength and clarity of mind
  • Beautiful skin – rejuvenating effects on sagging and wrinkles
  • Reduce joint aches and pains

Metabolic Balance ® is not a standardised diet plan. It is a unique and individual method for promoting health and wellbeing. It is tailored to your own specific health and diet needs. It has been developed by trained Doctors and Nutritional Consultants in Germany where it has proved to be hugely successful. Read the Metabolic Balance® Study

If you have been frustrated by the lack of success with dieting then call us to find out more about how different the Metabolic Balance® approach is: 01564 33 99 55


Metabolic Balance® is based on two major ideas

Everybody has the capacity to produce all the hormones and enzymes necessary for a healthy metabolism. However, to support this process we need to supply the body with the correct building materials – adequate nutrients in the form of proper, natural food.

Metabolic Balance ® uses proper foods to give the body all the nutrients it needs, without resorting to special supplements or medication. Regulating your diet will encourage your body to release insulin the way nature intended, bolstering your body’s production of hormones and keeping its metabolism in balance. It will not take long before you start to feel the sensation of happiness that comes when you are reaching your body weight goals – without starving yourself, counting calories, points or drinking meals in a shake!

Are you ready to get started with Phase 1?  Call us to make an appointment on 01564 33 99 55 or book your appointment now here.

  • "Natural Solutions helped me with allergy and intolerance tests. I was found to have a cat allergy and intolerance to dairy and wheat.  I have made good progress with the dairy intolerance.  I now enjoy almond milk as an alternative.  However, I am having to wait for matters to take their natural course with regard to the cat, however, who although frail and elderly is still with us!   "Alan