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Bone Broth – The Health Benefits

Bone Broth – the health benefits

What could be better than sitting out in the garden, in the evening sun enjoying a delicious, healthy and home cooked meal?

Its cold out there, its damp and its pretty miserable, so making a delicious and nutritious pan of Bone Broth will definitely hit the spot! If you are feeling a bit under the weather, rather than turning to the comfort of sugary cakes and pastries or chocolate, consider the amazing health benfits that bone broth has to offer.

  If you suffer from gut-related health problems or you have a lowered immunity, which is especially prevalent at this time of year with coughs and colds, then going back to good old-fashioned broth as a staple food is not only going to be delicious but provide you with lots of health-promoting benefits.

Here’s some of them:

  1. Anti-aging and good for musculoskeletal health – Bone broth is rich in collagen which literally is what your bones, tendons and skin are composed of. Because of the collagen content, it will support connective tissue which will help to decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This food is also packed with glucosamine and chondroitin to help reduce inflammation and strengthen the joints.
  2. Supports gut health – bone broth is a really nutritious superfood packed with nutrients  and minerals such as calcium and magnesium. These benficial nutrients can help to reduce inflammtion in the digestive system and reduce the severity of symptoms from IBS, Crohns Disease, acid reflux and diarrhoea and nausea. Drinking it daily to reduce symptoms is so beneficial.
  3. Promotes immune health – because 60-70% of your immune system resides in the gut (good bacteria vs bad bacteria), the broth helps to promote a healthy environment for good bacteria to proliferate and in turn this leads to better absorption and assimilation of essential nutrients to support overall immune health.

Download a copy of the Homemade Bone Broth Recipe recipe here.

Homemade Bone Broth Recipe

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