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Natural Solutions attended  the CAM conference on Alzheimers Disease (AD) in March presented by Dr Dale Breseden MD from Easton Center for Alzheimer’s Disease Research, UCLA Founding President, Buck Institute, USA. He presented us with the concept that AD is at the ‘dawn of an era of becoming a preventable and treatable disease.’

Dr Dale Bredesen shared his research regarding the impact of diet and lifestyle upon patients with diagnosed Alzheimers Disease. He explained that the most prevalent symptoms of AD were poor memory, feelings of overwhelm and getting lost or losing sight of direction. He showed us evidence of patients who were experiencing these symptoms and who then followed his protocols strictly and followed them over a period of time to see that the symptoms had reversed and in most cases gone. However, it wasn’t as straightforward as diet and lifestyle – he used the analogy of ’36 Holes in the Roof’ and went on to explain in more detail that each of these ‘holes’ needed to be measured for imbalances.

The list is long and included such markers as nutrient deficiencies, inflammation markers, mitochondrial function, levels of homocysteine, nerve growth factors and Alpha-β production or degradation. He measured all the essential ‘holes’ and ensured that as part of the protocol as many of the components as possible were adhered to or addressed using nutritional therapy and nutraceuticals.

To summarise here are the key components of his protocol:

  • Consume a low glycaemic diet, low insulin and low inflammatory as well as low grain
  • Ensure that food is not consumed for 12 hours per night to promote autophagy
  • Reduce stress
  • Optimise sleep
  • Take regular exercise
  • Brain training
  • Optimise levels of Vitamin B12
  • Optimise levels of Vitamin D3 with Vitamin K2
  • Increase antioxidants to reduce oxidative stress
  • The use of coconut oil as an MCT fat

There are other components to his protocol that are too detailed for this article, however, the key principles are to lead a an antioxidant rich diet, move the body regularly, train the brain daily and ensure that you eat a ‘clean’ diet.

The Metabolic Balance® programme can do just that. Based on your blood test, it will provide you with an anti-inflammatory, hormone regulating, antioxidant diet which will optimise your health, wellbeing and metabolism.

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