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Case Study: Mrs A came to see me in February this year with bloating, severe indigestion and heartburn, feeling full even after small meals and general discomfort with her digestive system. She had poor concentration, a feeling of foggy head and her joints were often sore and painful. She often felt nauseous.

She led a healthy lifestyle, exercised regularly, ate well and had no real past medical history.

Following the consultation, we carried out Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis and she followed a gluten-free diet. Her main goal was to identify the reason for this discomfort which seemed to be worsening.

The results of this test showed she had a parasitic infection and low levels of healthy and beneficial bacteria. Mrs A was delighted that we had found a reason for all her problems and she underwent a 4 R’s digestive health programme to remove, repair, replace and reinoculate the digestive system. She followed a strict diet which reduced her sugar and fruit intake which she began in May this year. In June when I saw her she was suffering with headaches and feelings of low energy; her memory and concentration had worsened. Anti-parasitic supplements such as Oregano Oil and Garlic and low sugar intake effectively starve the parasites to death. This means there will be an increase in toxins and therefore she needed liver support at the same time to encourage detoxification.

Mrs A came to see me a number of times throughout the treatment plan and we are pleased to report that all signs of digestive discomfort are gone, her memory and concentration are back to normal, she doesn’t suffer with any joint aches and pains and her energy is at an all-time high!!

Mrs A is just an example of how Nutritional Therapy looks at the root cause of illness and disease and using functional medicine and an integrated approach; we are able to use testing and evaluation to identify the cause of the problem and support the body back to optimal health.

If you would like to know more about how Natural Solutions can help you, please call 01564 33 99 55 for a no-obligation chat to see if there are ways in which we can support your health.

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