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As a nutritional therapist I am very often approached for support and help to alleviate IBS symptoms and in many cases, nutrition and herbs can really help to identify the root cause of the problems. Take a recent case – this lady’s name has been changed for protection purposes.?

Jane came to see me 5 months ago complaining of severe abdominal pains, IBS – diagnosed by her Doctor many years ago and bowel irregularities. Aas a result of her initial consultation and a more in depth look at the symptom picture, we recommended further functional testing. CDSA +P is a stool analysis test that looks at the complete health of the digestive system. It also focuses on the gut microbiology and identifies levels of healthy versus bad bacteria, including yeast and moulds and tests for the presence of parasites. Jane’s test came back with high levels of yeast, low levels of healthy bacteria and a parasite known as Blastocystis hominis. Without going into too many details about this parasite, the symptoms fitted the test results perfectly.

We began a 5 R’s programme – this works to Remove any allergenic foods or foods that are helping the proliferation of the bacteria such as sugar. We then Replace any necessary digestive secretions such as enzymes or HCl acid for more effective digestion and assimilation; in this case we used bile acids to aid fat digestion too. Reinoculation of the gut is essential in order for the parasites and yeast to be overgrown by a healthy micro-organisms and we encouraged the use and ingestion of soluble fibre to aid this reinoculation process.

The final stages include Repair and Jane needed to follow this programme for a total of 12 weeks. Repairing the gut uses supplements such as L-Glutamine and Vitamin A and Zinc – these used in conjunction will aid the healing of the lining of the gut wall.

Jane followed this programme, struggling initially with the changes in diet and elimination of certain foods, but has now got to a stage where she knows which foods cause her the most problems and she has chosen to avoid those and stick to foods that aid digestion. She hasn’t got any of her symptoms at all and cannot believe how much more energetic and vital she feels. She recognises stress is one of her causative factors as well as certain foods and has now learnt to manage stress more effectively.

If you or any member of your family are suffering symptoms associated with IBS or poor digestion whether it be up top or down below – Natural Solutions provides support and help to alleviate and improve the management of your symptoms. Don’t suffer needlessly – see below for more details about Natural Solutions “4 Weeks to Digestive health” programme launching in September.

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