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Judith came to see me desperate to stop the yoyo dieting she has experienced over the many years since she underwent bariatric surgery and gastric bypass surgery.

She had lost her way with food, and didn’t know what to eat in what quantities and had become increasingly despondent about her health decline and her weight gain following surgery.

Here is her story from the first 4 weeks of the programme:

My Metabolic Balance Diet week 1-4

I knew this was going to be different -not just because I’d met Andrea and completely trusted her as a professional in nutrition, but because I knew, she also had faith in me. I think when you realize that, then something inside sort of ‘clicks’. On paper I’m a person who has achieved personal goals to becoming a mother at 40 years old and 45 years to getting a degree in later life. I run my own business as a healthcare professional nurse in Bariatrics. The only real battle I struggle to overcome is my own weight and although I can empathise with my clients, who have had the bravery to undergo weight loss procedures, I have constantly struggled to lose weight.

My medical history is complex and I take medication on a daily basis, but the blood profiling that this diet offers, meant that foods specific to my nutritional needs were suggested as a natural way to lose weight and keep it off.

The first week was hard – very hard – but then I felt a sense of achievement as I started to plan and prepare and the family are behind me.

Today I am 4 weeks in, and have just returned from a clinic where a lady asked “Judith have you lost weight? You look the best I have ever seen you!”

Well I have -13 1bs to be precise and a total of 9 inches – I feel lighter, more energized and although to be honest I can’t really see it myself, I have lost the equivalent of nearly 3 bags of 5lb potatoes. I drink plenty of fluids and I no longer snack or eat between meals and my blood sugar levels have leveled out to a point where I am no longer weak or ravenously hungry and then grab a chocolate bar.

I know Andrea is there for me and to be honest I’m proud of myself. The changes are still happening and I have a way to go, but hey I’m on the path and even my libido has increased – something I thought was lost forever after menopause!! My husband is delighted and I’m now upping my game to going on the sunbed and actually looking forward to a time when I can shop without feeling ashamed and embarrassed.

I’ve never judged anyone with weight issues and I’m writing this to say that like me – YOU can do it. The Metabolic Balance Diet is an investment to lead a healthy life and learn to love yourself again, and to be the healthiest you can be.

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