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  • 15th December 2020

Case Study – Paul’s Journey

Who doesn’t love a real life before and after story? No photoshop or clever camera angles, just a real person sharing their story of how their life has changed for the better. I’ve been lucky enough to help Paul on…

  • 25th September 2020

A little mindfulness goes a long way

Mindfulness is nothing new but seems to have become a particularly popular practice over the last few years. Simply put, mindfulness is a way of increasing your awareness of the mind and body and being more present. There are many…

  • 22nd May 2020

My Top Secrets to Prevent Infections

EXTRACTED FROM JOE COHEN OF SELFHACKED I've been biohacking my immune system for over 10 years. I have done many experiments and I have noticed things that worked to prevent me from getting sick, and things that haven't. Combined with…

Testimonial Weight Loss
  • 6th February 2020

The key to maintaining weight loss

One of my clients got in touch with me recently to share his story and feedback on how working with him on his nutrition has had a lasting impact on his weight loss. Here's Keith's story... "I weighed myself on 23…

  • 18th December 2019

A year of success stories!

I measure my success by the number of clients who have manged to achieve their health goals! And this year has been the best by far. I love my job. I love the fact that I am able to help…

  • 16th December 2019

5 Health Tips to Fly through the Festive Season

At a time when we are busy, stressed, exhausted and in the depths of winter bugs and flu, it is now more important than ever to support yourself and your loved ones with healthy foods, nutrients and lifestyle interventions. If…

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