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DNA Testing – MyDNAhealth

DNA testing – myDNAhealth

Nutrigenomics – How it works & rewriting the rules in weight-loss and wellness.

Nutrigenomics is concerned with the effects of our individual genetic variations in response to our diet, exercise and lifestyle, all of which can cause the genes to be expressed in a positive or negative way. So, for example, if we smoke for the whole of our life, we are influencing the way our genes are and increasing our risk for cancer, but it may be possible that you can smoke for the whole of your life and never get cancer – this is related to genetic footprint.

Genetic testing enables us to identify where we are on our journey towards achieving our optimal weight and health potential. DNA testing provides the optimal lifestyle blueprint to achieve your optimal weight and health potential.

When you carry out a simple saliva test for DNA testing, the sample is sent off to the laboratory for analysis. It takes between 4-6 weeks for the results to come back, but when they do, you will receive a report with a full break down.

Sugar or fat over-absorption

The test will look at your DNA to see how you process sugars and fats which depending upon your generic predispositions can lead to fat formation.

Emotional stress leading to fat formation

DNA is analysed to see the impact of stress on fat formation. When excess cortisol is released from stress, it provides a constant supply of glucose, increasing sugar cravings and fat formation.

Liver toxicity

Damaged liver pathways will result in toxins blocking the healthy sugar absorption pathways leading to fat formation in addition damaged liver pathways results in the oestrogen hormone making fat and cellulite.

All in all the results of your test will provide you with the following:

  1. Excessive stress which causes excessive cortisol release resulting in fat formation.
  2. Liver toxicity can cause sluggish waste removal resulting in weight gain.
  3. Genetic predispositions to craving certain food.
  4. Genetic predispositions to over-absorbing sugars.
  5. Genetic predispositions to over-absorbing fats.
  6. Genetic predisposition to becoming inflamed, pre-diabetic and putting on weight.
  7. A genetic predisposition to not being able to lose fat with exercise.

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