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How To Help Your Hormone Health During Menopause

How to Help Your Hormone Health During Menopause

At Natural Solutions we get a lot of queries on how to handle menopause. Of course, we have a duty to highlight common misconceptions to help ladies to tackle the symptoms of menopause so this blog will look at a reasonably unknown deficiency in menopausal women as well as address the ups and downs of oestrogen levels.

When a woman goes through menopause, her hormones begin to change, and the ovaries stop producing as much oestrogen and consequently periods stop.

However, not all peri-menopausal women are low in oestrogen, in fact nowadays more than ever women are actually experiencing excess oestrogen. As with any hormone, an imbalance can cause the body to react with a range of uncomfortable symptoms.

Whilst excess oestrogen is more prevalent during the menstruation cycle, it can occur during menopause too, described as Unopposed Oestrogen. When ovulation ceases during menopause, the progesterone levels in the body are disrupted, which in turn causes this excess oestrogen.

Hormone Health – The Menopause Symptoms

With that comes a myriad of quite frankly unfair symptoms, which you’ll be familiar with if you’re approaching, going through or have been through menopause. But fear not ladies, we are in this together.

I want you to visualise a seesaw, either side of the seesaw are a combination of your hormones. However, they don’t always like to stick to their side and when they shuffle around, imbalances happen, and this effects your body.

If you’re reading this thinking you are the only one at your wits end, wondering why no one prepared you for sleepless nights, anxiety, hot flushes and mood swings, then Natural Solutions is here for you!

Andrea has years of experience in helping women through this frustrating time. With practical advice, support, natural solutions and remedies to tackle the turbulence of;

– Ageing

– Thinning Hair

– Changes to your skin, including itching

– Low Libido

– Exhaustion

– Night Sweats

– Sleep Pattern Disruption

– Hot Flushes

– Mood Swings

It can leave you feeling desperate. Whilst you’ve likely tried common over the counter remedies or hormone replacement therapy, there are many natural approaches that can help get those hormones back on track, balancing more harmoniously and in turn have you feeling more like the true you.

Our Menopausal Weight Loss Programme is a great place to start, contact Andrea today to book your consultation.

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