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Weight Loss that Works

I trained as a Metabolic Balance® Practitioner in 2014 and have helped hundreds of clients reach their weight loss goals and achieve health and wellbeing. For many of those clients it has resolved their weight problems and they now live a healthy way of life.

I specialise in weight loss. If you’ve been battling with diets, exercise plans, faddy diets and various supplements then, book in a call to see how Metabolic Balance® can help you.

It’s a no-nonsense plan that will teach you the basics of healthy eating, portion sizes, high metabolic foods and help you to feel and look great!



Metabolic Balance® can be used for anyone struggling with weight, metabolism, hormonal disruption and inflammation.

  • Do you struggle to keep your weight off?
  • Have you tried every diet on the universe and still not managing to maintain your weight?
  • Are you feeling lost in a sea of contradictory information?
  • Are you avoiding eating because you don’t know what to eat anymore?

If these questions sound all too familiar, then Metabolic Balance® will help resolve your weight problems.

  • Metabolic Balance® is NOT a fad diet. It is a sound, science-based nutritional food plan that uses real food without anything added – no shakes, no supplements, no gimmicks. You are provided with a personalised food list based on your blood test results and all you need to do is create meals from your list.
  • There are NO meal replacements – nothing but pure food can be consumed during the programme. You will learn which foods suit you the best. It’s a food education programme too – learning which foods provide you with the best levels of energy. It is simply 3 meals a day. Nothing added.
  • It is not a starvation programme at all. You will not go hungry! In fact most people starting on the plan cannot believe the amount of food that they need to eat. Hunger is often in the mind and once the right levels of proteins, fats and carbs are being consumed, cravings and hunger disappear.



Busy lives, work pressures, fatigue, family commitments, health problems, stress and a lack of knowledge all hinder your ability to control your eating.

You end up spiralling out of control, snacking on chocolate and carbs, binge eating and eating convenience and processed foods to get through the day. All too often, you then feel guilty, tired, unhappy and the pounds pile on, leaving you feeling depressed and frustrated. You find it difficult to know where to start and you hate looking at yourself in the mirror.

Sound familiar – we’ve all been there and Metabolic Balance® will help you overcome those obstacles that keep relentlessly stacking up around you!

The Metabolic Balance® Programme is a precise and individually designed nutrition programme that will help you lose weight, balance your metabolism and get YOU back in the driving seat.

Metabolic Balance® promotes hormone balance by regulating the amount of insulin the body produces. Once insulin and other hormones are balanced, fat burning and weight loss occur as a natural side effect of overall health improvements.

Other benefits that many clients enjoy are improved sleep patterns, increased energy levels, better digestion and a feeling of vitality and well-being.


Your first consultation will investigate the underlying reasons for weight gain.

Here’s what you get with the Weight Loss Programme:

  • Full Health Assessment
  • Body Composition and measurement analysis
  • Blood test looking at over 30 markers including liver, thyroid and cholesterol
  • Complete comprehensive guide to the programme
  • Your own personalised food list
  • Meal plans
  • Recipes and meal suggestions
  • Training and education about nutrition and diet
  • Mentoring and support throughout your programme
  • Help with cooking and what to do with the food list

I’ll provide you with everything you need to support you through the challenges – food lists, recipes, menu plans, how to cook for the family, how to prepare food for work – believe me, I’ve been presented with many different challenges from all walks of life. I’m here to support you, help you and sometimes give you a kick up the back-side (LOL)…. whatever you need to help you achieve your weight loss goals!

What To Do Next?

Step 1 – make an appointment to book your initial health and nutritional assessment.

Step 2 – Arrange to have bloods drawn ( a qualified phlebotomist is required for this)

Step 3 – Keep a food and symptoms diary to discuss with your Nutritional Therapist

Step 4 – Pay your deposit payment to secure your programme

Step 5 – Set yourself a start date that works for you (away from holidays, social engagements, etc)


Ready to get started?

Book your call now!

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