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ProLon® UK – The New Plant Based Diet Which Mimics Fasting Without The Risks

ProLon® UK – The new plant based diet which mimics fasting without the risks

If you’ve read our article on Autophagy, you’ll be aware of how fasting is being linked to a variety of health benefits, including stimulating cell renewal, increasing energy and aiding metabolism optimisation.

I’ve been looking into this in detail and have started working with ProLon® UK which is a fasting mimicking diet. The plant-based meal programme lasts 5 days, whilst not designed to treat, cure or prevent diseases, it has been identified as stimulating self-renewal of stem cells and neural regeneration, both of which are altered during periods of inflammation and disease.

There’s been some great results in trials of the fasting mimicking diet with it promoting healthy levels of blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, several markers of inflammation, an average of 5lbs of fat loss (specifically targeting visceral fat) and 1.2 inches off waist circumference. Other subjective improvements include healthy skin, hair and nails, in addition to promoting general lifestyle improvements.

The diet has been researched mainly by Professor Valter Longo, who was looking to produce a diet that was realistically achievable and less daunting than water-based fasting diets. His research looked at ingredients which keep the body in a state of fasting and as a result provides food and nutrients to allow you to continue about your day as you usually would, but with the health benefits of a water-only fasting diet.

The main benefits of ProLon® UK are;

  • Decrease body weight and body fat
  • Maintain blood glucose at healthy levels
  • Maintain CRP at healthy levels (an inflammatory marker)
  • Maintain triglycerides at healthy levels
  • Maintain blood pressure at healthy levels
  • Maintain lean body mass at healthy levels
  • Maintain cholesterol at healthy levels
  • Maintain insulin resistance at healthy levels
  • Impact in IGF-1 (an aging marker)
  • Stem cell regeneration

With 66 unique ingredients which have been meticulously studied for over a decade, it’s certainly a good alternative for those looking to achieve a healthier lifestyle without the hassle or danger of water based fasting. The plant-based products are both gluten and dairy free and are eaten in soups, snacks, drinks and supplements.

To find out more about how the diet is structured, the meal plan and what you can expect from using ProLon® UK, click here.

You can place an order by contacting me, Andrea Bayles – Registered Nutritional Therapist and authorised supplier for ProLon® UK.

Please call 01564 339955 or email: to find out more or book an appointment online to discuss further.

Appointments are available in Henley in Arden, you can use this link to schedule an initial consultation.

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