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What to expect

Nutritional Consultations are available in Henley in Arden or Edgbaston, Birmingham.

The purpose of an Initial Consultation is to fact-find. It can take some time to facilitate healing especially if your problem is chronic or long-term. Most clients need up to 6 months to find root causes, carry out testing, try different dietary approaches before feeling well again. A bit like training for a marathon can’t be achieved in a single training session, achieving optimal health takes time too.

My experience has taught me that you cannot build Rome in a day – and the same applies to improving health. A quick-fix solution is not possible using nutritional therapy and functional medicine models, therefore detail and information provide the key to longer lasting successful outcomes.

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About the Initial Consultation

The consultation will highlight the areas that you are concerned about and your symptom picture will  help me to create a bespoke and personalised nutritional analysis and treatment plan based on the findings and any test results that are available.

In order to address your health concerns, we use the following process. Please read through this carefully and if you have any questions regarding anything, please do give us a call to get in touch.

We work in a different way to conventional methods and it can take a considerable amount of time to find the root cause, look at your health history and any possible test results that may be carried out. With every consultation, you will receive a detailed and personalised treatment plan. This contains advice, supplement recommendations, information and a summary of findings as well as lifestyle recommendations and any possible further tests required.

Schedule Appointment and Questionnaire

Once you have scheduled your Initial Nutritional Consultation, you will be requested to complete an online questionnaire.  This is essential and will form part of the detailed discussion at your appointment. We will review your past medical history, your current medical symptoms, we will carry out a review of your current diet and any supplements or medications you are using. Blood pressure, body composition and other diagnostic tests such as blood glucose, blood cholesterol may be useful. Your lifestyle is also important and areas such as exercise, sleep and stress will also be discussed.

Following the Consultation

A Personal Nutritional Analysis and Report is provided to you within 7 days of the consultation. This report will cover the following:

  • Any recommendations for tests such as digestive tests, hormone testing, blood testing etc
  • Recommendations for nutritional supplements and botanicals
  • Lifestyle report and recommendations for stress, sleep and exercise
  • Treatment programme recommendations – the most appropriate programme will be recommended to you based on the findings at your consultation. This may be Gut Restoration, Hormone Reset, Metabolic Balance or if your case is very specialised, a unique Specialised Programme will be drawn up for you.

Included in your Initial Consultation Fee is an opportunity to discuss the Treatment Plan in detail, so that you understand what is required, why the recommendations have been made and to ensure if you have any questions, these will be answered.


If testing is recommended, this will be suggested in your Treatment Plan. Tests will also be discussed at the follow up consultation included above and may be ordered at the same time after your have confirmed you wish to go ahead. All prices for tests will be shown on the Treatment Plan Recommendations. Once test results are returned, you will be required to make a Follow Up Appointment to go through the results and receive a synopsis of the test results. Further recommendations may also be made based on these results, which may include specific programmes, supplements and lifestyle support.

Follow up Consultations

This is an essential part of any therapeutic treatment and support plan. You are advised to follow up every 4 – 6 weeks, to ensure that the recommendations are making a difference. Monitoring your response to the suggestions is an important part of your overall progress. If you have suffered from long-term health problems, then 6 – 12 months of nutritional therapy support is not uncommon. It may be important to re-test to establish improvements and review any supplement or botanical prescriptions.

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