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We use a range of functional testing to look at how the body is currently functioning. This may be stool analysis, hormone testing, complete blood counts, nutritional tests, food intolerance and many others.

By doing this, we can see why you have certain symptoms. This is useful to understand the body as a whole and may help identify the cause of your health issues.

As each person presents with a unique set of symptoms or health picture, tests will be recommended following your initial consultation.

Types of Functional Tests we offer:

  • Digestive Function & Infection including microbiome
  • Food Intolerances (Cyrex)
  • Cardio & Metabolic Tests
  • Micronutrients and organic acids
  • Methylation Plasma
  • Stress & Thyroid Hormones
  • Male & Female Hormones
  • Neurotransmitters
  • Viral

Please contact us for pricing details and options available

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