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Personalised nutrition

Personalised nutrition works on your unique health and nutritional requirements. Each programme or treatment support plan is designed based on your individual needs. This is what gets results. A ‘one size – fits all’ – approach doesn’t always achieve the desired outcome.

Using the model of Functional Medicine, enables a detailed analysis of your health complaint. A detailed case history will be taken looking at the root causes rather than a set of symptoms, to create a plan that will produce your unique solutions with nutritional and lifestyle recommendations. Our approach uses the Functional Medicine model of investigating the underlying causes of the imbalance. This can help us identify if there are problems that are preventing you from weight loss.

As each person presents with different requirements, budgets, health and lifestyles – no two treatment plans are the same.

We use a range of biochemical tests as well as genetic testing to provide you with functional analysis of any potential underlying causes for your health condition.

These are a few of the specialist areas of health that we support:


Weight Management


Digestive Disorders


Skin Complaints


Thyroid Health


Biochemical Tests


Allergies and Intolerances




Autoimmune Conditions


Female Hormonal Health

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