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Weight Loss Programme

Discover a solution to keeping your weight off. Permanently.

  • No fad diets
  • No starvation programmes
  • No shakes or meal replacements

This is a unique plan designed for your personal body composition using blood testing, body composition, health analysis and education.

Fully supported.

Mentoring and coaching.

An educational experience for life


DNA testing

Unlocking your DNA to identify your nutrigenetics and your genetic identity. Your SNP’s (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) will allow us to provide a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan according to your genetic make-up. Fully supported over 12 weeks.

Unlock your weight-loss, fitness and wellbeing potential with myDNAhealth.

DNA CompleteTM consists of detailed and personalised report with recommendations for weight-loss and well being. The report will include the following genetic and lifestyle analysis;

  • Whether you over-absorb sugars and fats.
  • Not being able to lose fat with exercise.
  • Your stress levels causing fat formation.
  • How you are craving foods causing weight gain
  • Any genetic predispositions in becoming pre-diabetic and putting on weight.
  • Sluggish removal of toxins causing weight gain.

You will receive;

  • A gene based dietary advice and eating plan.
  • A gene based exercise plan
  • Requirements for nutritional supplementation, where required
  • Wellness recommendations

myDNAhealth helps you discover your unique genetic profile, so you can eat the right foods, do the right exercises and take supplements that really benefit YOUR body. All you need to provide is a simple mouth swab, complete your personal profile and your Personal Report will be ready in about 4 weeks from receipt of your sample.

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