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Stress Inventory

Stress Inventory

In this months toolkit, more stress management techniques. Take a stress inventory by answering the following questions as honestly as you can.

    1. What am I stressed about at the moment? Include partner, family, friends, work, money, home, health, appearance, community, world and relationship with Self.
    2. What are my stress triggers?
    3. When I get stressed, I …….
    4. How is stress interfering with my life?

Once you have completed your inventory go through each one in turn and decide which one of the 3 options below you are going to use, in order to reduce the stress you are under.

Option 1 Take Action

List in very precise and realistic terms what action you can take to change the situation. If you get stuck, imagine a friend of yours in exactly the same circumstances as you what advice would you give them? Write it down.

Option 2 Change your Perspective

Changing the way you see the problem and the meaning you give to it is a very powerful way of reducing the stress that it triggers. Again imagine, you are helping a friend to come up with 3 perspectives what advice would you give to them? Write it down.

Option 3 Accept Reality

If you truly can’t change the situation or your perspective on it, then the way to release any stress is to stop resisting the situation and accept the reality of it, as it is now. Embracing reality helps you to access the resources and clarity you need, in order to take the best possible course of action.

Once your list is finished for each source of stress, implement the options.

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