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Summer Motivation

Summer Motivation

Summer is well and truly here, we’ve even had some sunshine to prove it.

It’s a tricky time of year, we usually think of winter as the month where it’s difficult to get motivated but Summer can be just as challenging! So, I wanted to share my advice for staying motivated and prioritising your health during the Summer months.

We’re already pretty booked up during August so be quick and book an appointment to keep your motivation at a high point and in the meantime, find inspiration in my suggestions below.

  1. Grab a pad – Take away the stress of deciding what to have for dinner each evening. Especially in summer when the hot weather can leave you feeling picky and doing anything to avoid spending time slaving away over a hot stove. Plan your meals for the week, if you’ve got kids get them involved too. Planning in advance means you have more time to relax at the end of the day and will likely eat a more varied and balanced diet than if you were to raid the fridge!

  2. Get adventurous – What foods have you never tried? Take inspiration from cookbooks, online recipe blogs and social media to familiarise yourself with a new culture or unusual ingredients you might not have tried before. Like this recipe for a delicious and refreshing wheatgrass smoothie for example.

  3. GOALLLLL – Setting yourself goals doesn’t have to be daunting, in fact writing your goals down really helps to give perspective to what you’re trying to achieve, whilst also giving you some accountability to achieve them. Set yourself small manageable and easy to track goals that will help you reach your bigger goal. It could be to spend more time reading, do an activity you’ve not done recently or get in your 5 a day, whatever you set, keep reminding yourself of your progress.

  4. Give yourself a support network – sharing is caring and it really helps your mood to get those around you involved when you’re looking for motivation. They’ll give you the boost you need and could offer ways to help you feel back on track.

Hopefully this short list will give you some food for thought on how to stay motivated about your physical and mental health. If you’d like to discuss any further please book in for a free consultation here.

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