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Hello, my name is Andrea Bayles and I am a Nutritional Therapist with a keen interest in weight loss and food education.

I love food – who doesn’t?! 

I really enjoy preparing healthy, meaningful meals for my family and friends and creating super delicious, tasty, healthy plates of food using ingredients that I know will provide long-term benefits for our health and wellbeing.


I specialise in helping people lose weight – permanently!

If you’ve been battling with diets, exercise plans, faddy diets and various supplements then, book in a call to see how I can help you.

Losing weight isn’t always just about food – there is so much more to weight loss than eating less calories or changing your diet. As an expert in weight loss and metabolism, I can help you to identify what may be the root cause of your inability to lose weight.

I Can Work With You On Four Main Areas And You’ll Find These Below. 

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Metabolic Balance


not sure what you need? Book a free call with me now


What Will You Get From Booking A Free Call With Me?

The call is 15-20  minutes long and is a fantastic opportunity for us to get to know one another. I like to call it my ‘Cosy Weight Loss Chat!’ You can book in using my online diary and choose a time to suit you and your commitments.

You can ask me questions, you can raise your concerns – but the most important thing is that we are a fit for one another. I work exclusively with clients on a one to one basis and it is essential that we have a rapport and that you feel comfortable working with me. I will explain the process of the programme with you in more detail and what you can expect to achieve. I’ll be there to help re-set your attitudes, perhaps your beliefs, but my priority is to educate you about food and how to eat to lose weight and keep it off – forever!

So, here’s what’s included in the call:

  • 20 minutes to have a cosy conversation about your concerns
  • A brief explanation about the process of the programme and what is involved
  • You’ll learn a couple of tips about weight loss that you may not know
  • Why we do blood testing
  • How much commitment is needed from you to do the programme?
  • Where to start and what is required.
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